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Multicloud – Avoiding vendor lock-in with Booster

Our multi-cloud point of view, the Booster way.

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Don't waste time building another API, let the machines make them for you with the Booster Framework!

The Booster Framework introduces a very different approach to building APIs: not doing it at all!

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What Booster does for the developer experience

Can this framework bring the developer experience of Ruby on Rails but to the cloud-native world of today?

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Why a DynamoDB call can take 5 minutes to complete

Creating load tests and discovering things along the way.

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Understanding event-sourcing using the Booster Framework

The elegance of the Ruby on Rails code, without worrying about deployments and scalability.

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Booster framework vs Ruby on Rails

An introduction to the event-sourcing pattern with an example using the Booster Framework.

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Spring Boot vs Booster: Implementing a Bank Account Part 1

Be aware of how much time and energy you save by using Booster in comparison to Spring Boot.

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Designing a more approachable serverless experience

Booster pre-release article and key design principles.

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