Build serverless event-sourcing microservices in minutes instead of months!

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Open-Source & Free to use
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Runs in your account (AWS · Azure)
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DDD semantics (CQRS + ES)
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GraphQL API & Infrastructure inferred from code
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It scaaaaales!!!

Booster is an open-source minimalistic TypeScript framework to build event-sourced services with the minimal amount of code possible, but don't let its innocent appearance fool you; Booster analyzes the semantics of your code, sets up the optimal infrastructure to run your application at scale, and even generates a fully-working GraphQL API for you – don't even mind about writing the resolvers or maintaining your GraphQL schema, it will do that for you too.

And have we mentioned it's all open-source and free? But not free like you have a few build minutes per month or anything like that, we mean, real free. Everything remains between you, your CI/CD scripts (wherever you want to put them), and your own cloud accounts. Nothing is hidden under the carpet, you can visit the Github repository and see every single detail.

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