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Demo playlist
Deploying a Booster app on a Kubernetes cluster
3 min video
Managing Kubernetes can quickly become a very challenging task, especially when you don't have much experience with it. With Booster Framework, there's no need to manage it at all! Give Booster the URL of an empty cluster, and the framework will handle the rest! 🚀

⏱ Backend dev time: 1h
Effective multi-cloud
4 min video
The best-case scenario is for projects to become provider agnostic. However, in reality, even if you use tools that help you migrate the infrastructure from one provider to another, you still have to deal with your integration code.

⏱ Backend dev time: 5min
Connecting microservices with Booster
7 min video
Interconnecting two microservices can be daunting, but not with Booster Framework. By plugging in a Booster Rocket, you make two completely separate Booster apps interoperate seamlessly and transparently for the developer teams behind those microservices. 🚀

⏱ Backend dev time: 1h
Effortlessly scaling an app with Booster
6 min video
Thinking about how to make your application scale from day one is not a common practice, and there are many factors to consider in terms of scalability: how to ensure your database doesn't lock, deploying load balancers, and many more. With Booster Framework, your application scales from the outset, and you don't have to worry about all the issues that arise from scaling your application. 🚀

⏱ Backend dev time: 45min
Creating an app from scratch with Booster
29 min video
Create a Question-Generating App backend for a conference, live-stream, or whatever you want. You'll see how easily applications are built with Booster Framework. 🚀

⏱ Backend dev time: 30min

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